A Burst of Citric Colours

Lemon Passion

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very latest in our wonderful faux flower bouquets and arrangements. Now, at Maura Collection we are suckers for colour. We love big bold arrangements that bring a brightness and lightness to the spaces they inhabit. In today’s blog we look at all that is citric and celebrate the bright colours of yellow and orange that can act as inspiration for you when choosing an arrangement or just if you want to add a dash of brighntess to your home.


faux clementine treeWe start by looking at one of our favourite dainty arrangements, Clementine. We often have spoken about the merits of choosing a single type of flower (or fruit in this case) and how that one choice can create a big impact. Clementine is proof that arrangements come in all shapes and sizes and, sometimes, less is more. Featuring plump faux clementines, so lifelike that they are almost ready to pick wouldn’t you agree, this small bouquet packs a bright punch. The orange contrasts with a solid spray of green creating a fresh and vibrant look that would look just lovely within a kitchen or dining area.


Becky is our ode to rural life and creates the warming sensation of strolling through a meadow on a Summer’s day as the warmth of the sun radiates down above and the blue skies envelop the bright colours of the Earth. Featuring both white and yellow Queen Anne’s Lace and cream Foxgloves in a rustic vintage style vase. A delightfully soft arrangement, the subtle tones of yellow allow you to add an almost watercolour like palette of colour to your home without being to bright.

Lemon Passion

Lemon passion is a large arrangement that conjures up images of the Spring, Summer and the feel good factor that colour can bring. Again, we feel that the soft colours that so elegantly contrast with the brighter hues would sit happily in a kitchen but would be equally at home in a conservatory or even a sunroom. Lemon Passion make you think of warm climates, not to mention the paring with food and drink. Combine these with big full yellow roses, soft creamy yellow Skimmia and add some vibrant green. All sitting in our green tinged recycled glass vase. The perfect recipe.  Anyone for G and T?