A Life Less Perfect

Gone are the days when we entertained with lavish dinner parties that took so much time to prepare the food and arrange the table.

Most of the time you were too exhausted to enjoy your own party.

The new entertaining is all about wholesome easy to prepare food, laid back decorations and a laid back host. This lifestyle has spilled out into everyday life in fashion and in our homes.

Our homes are becoming more open plan with no rooms kept for best. Interiors have no hard and fast rules, mixing old with new, different colour palettes and incorporating the inside with the outside

The new trend for flowers fresh and faux is also relaxed. All sorts of containers are used for arranging flowers and foliage, fresh and artificial. Often a bunch of blooms is put straight into a vase and allowed to fall at will.

We salute this new lifestyle thinking without the rigid rules. It has brought a new found freedom and people are thinking out of the box with ways to make life more interesting and less stressful.

We have tried to incorporate this thinking into our faux flowers.