About Maura Flowers

We have been involved with styling interiors for many years and we know that it is the details and dressing of a space that brings it all together. We have always known that artificial flower bouquets and foliage were a great way to evoke a sense of warmth and style. Although we love fresh flowers, they are not always practical when time, space or natural light are a challenge. After attending many shows both here in the UK and internationally, we were amazed at the quality of faux flowers now on the market, so we started making our artificial flower arrangements and were delighted at the positive response. We hope you will feel the same.

  • We are not trying to compete with nature but our faux flowers can be wonderful statements in their own right.
  • We don’t sell our flowers as individual stems as how many times have you bought some, arrived home and then you can’t get the arrangement to look as you want it.
  • We feel we have solved the dilemma by giving you a choice of beautifully arranged bunches, so you can find one that compliments your personality and living space.
  • You can then make a statement with one of our vases, or one from your own personal collection.
  • We have designed our bouquets to enable you to change their appearance with other flowers, faux or fresh, to give your arrangements a new twist.
  • We pride ourselves in sourcing the highest quality, most realistic blooms and foliage and prefer natural and just gathered rather than over arranged.

Our vases for artificial flowers are lovely in their own right, so if you just want one of those and do your own thing that’s fine by us! With Maura designs you can style your spaces creating a stunning design that not only looks great but lasts. With each order we will enclose a beautiful postcard so if your flowers are a gift you can add your own personal message. We have been making statements with faux flowers for a long time.

Now it’s your turn.
But remember “make it simple but significant”
Our flowers are pretty hardy but are not manufactured to be cheap ridged blooms. They are delicate in parts to ensure they remain lifelike in their appearance and movement as possible. Occasionally a petal or leaf may come away.

If this happens, in most cases it can just be popped back on. If you find it happens again consider using a tiny amount of glue to fix it permanently.

We recommend a light dusting of your blooms every now and then with a soft lint free duster. You can also use a hair dryer on a cool low setting to blow away any dust.