Beautiful homes for your arrangement

papillon vase for faux flowers

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very best of our artificial flower bouquets and more. Now, we all know what it is like when we are putting together our arrangements. All of the individual elements come together, the flowers look beautiful but then, the big question arises, where to house our wonderful creations? We’ve brought together three of our vases for artificial flowers to help you decide on how to beautifully display your arrangements

fake flwoer vaseJama

Boho chic? Check. Beautifully made? Check. Unique and original? Double check. The Jama vase is the perfect way to create that rustic yet contemporary look. Handmade from terracotta, the vase is decorated with a wonderful mosaic of leaves in a ruby red which contrasts with the warming tone of the clay. We simply styled it with a splay of green to elegantly create a bohemian feel.


vase for fake flowersA very pretty name for a very pretty vase. Angelina comes in a shade of pale olive green that works oh so well with such a wide range of colours and styles. From creams and yellows, to dark greens and whites we love the versatility that this vase offers. Whatsmore, the contemporary style has a bit of a retro twist with a wide body and base tailing int a rounded top.


Time to brush off your Colin’s French dictionary with our Papillon vase! Inspired by languid summers in France, the gorgeous fired ceramic vase features hand designed butterflies in warming shades of blue. Turquoise roses are interspersed amongst the roses and create a gorgeous effect. This stunning vase looks wonderful on its own as a statement, or with a simple display of flowers or foliage so as not to distract from its beauty. But then if you believe more is more, fill it up and enjoy.