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Your Carbon Footprint and Faux Flowers

Eco Friendly Faux Flowers

Welcome back the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very best of our faux flower bouquets and more. In today’s blog post we discuss a topic that is very pertinent at the moment and very meaningful to ourselves on a personal level: the eco-credentials of faux flowers. Much has been written, and quite rightly so in our opinion, about how we can all endeavour to be more ecologically friendly. From the charging for plastic bags in supermarkets to reducing our carbon footprint: many of us try to live in greener ways. With this in mind we look at the advantages that faux flowers arrangements have over fresh flowers and how they can help you to reduce your carbon footprint.  

Faux flowers have an indefinite shelf life meaning that in terms of how they are transported, they can help reduce the impact on the environment. Indeed, many of our own suppliers ship by sea and not by air which reduces the impact on the environment. 

As we all know, very few flowers on the UK market are grown locally and have to be imported from far away places such as Africa or South America where the climate is right all year round for growing. Again, it is this reliance on importation and the huge environmental costs that they may have that makes us say, go artificial! In terms of waste, artificial flowers stay looking good for years with a regular dust whereas fresh flowers have to be replaced at least every week. When they die they are put in the bin (unless you compost) and sent to landfill where they decay and omit methane.

Of course, there is no denying that there is a a huge demand for fresh flowers, especially on certain days such as Valentines and other such important occasions.

With such ongoing demand the growers have to keep up constant production which involves chemicals to keep disease at bay – of course organic options do exist but are out of the reach of many. Naturally, this intensive farming process is not good for the environment or the workers at the flower farms. 

As with any industry, the market decides and with the World looking to go greener many countries who produce real flowers are addressing these problems and hopefully they will install solutions to combat this.

We agree that fresh flowers are beautiful and make some occasion’s truly special.  At Maura Collection, we believe that the best solution is to but them less often and to go as local as possible. If you do have the space, cultivating a small cutting garden is rewarding and comes with enormous benefits that aren’t just ecological. 

We think that the best solution is always a healthy balance. Why not invest in some beautiful realistic faux arrangements that can be used as regular centrepieces for rooms and spaces, buy less fresh and mix them with good artificial greenery and branches.

Have you seen our latest collection? We have curated a wonderful selection of artificial flower arrangements for Spring that herald in the cooling colours and refreshing tones of one of our most favourite seasons.

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Fantastic Foxglove

Faux foxglove bouquet

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very best in our contemporary faux flower arrangements and more. Now, after the excess of Christmas and the New Year’s festivities, we explore the World of Foxgloves as we look the bring balance and harmony to homes with a wonderful selection of this always popular flower. Often, when we are creating our faux flower arrangements we step back and reflect on the meaning that is attached to each flower and what they represent. With Foxglove, popular across the globe, the meaning and what it stands for is something that we can consider for the start of the year as we plan ahead. A cursory glance into Foxglove’s meaning came back with such wonderfully sweet ideas and imagery that we felt we had to share!

Boosting confidence in times of insecurity – Who doesn’t need a helping hand at times?

Being okay with boasting about our accomplishments – It is always good to be proud of your work, right?

Enhancing group projects and promoting productivity – Who doesn’t like to be productive?

Getting a growth spurt in our imagination leading to new ideas – Ideal for the New Year

Bringing ourselves back to a childlike innocence and appreciating simple moments – It’s good to reflect

So, how can you bring these very positive energies and ideas into your home? We have chosen three of our favourite designs to help you celebrate all that is Foxglove and to bring the positive energy of this (faux) plant into your home.

Wild Cottage

Now, we are nearly past the Winter and Spring, and our Spring themed artificial arrangements, are something that we are thinking of. We love our Wild Cottage arrangement that truly brings the rustic feel of holiday cottages and harmony into the home. Quite simply, Wild Cottage is a lovely combination of various faux flowers. The star of the show, Foxgloves of course, is enhanced and complemented by soft and wispy Willow Eucalyptus, Green Spider Leaves, White Dogwood and a big blousy Queen Anne’s Lace head. All displayed effortlessly in a distressed metal pot.

Foxgloves Galore

As we always say, what could be more of a statement than a lovely vase with a display of just one stunning flower – and what a way to celebrate Foxgloves! These Foxgloves are soft pink speckled with deep pink and cream at the tips. They have been one of our most popular flowers this season. This is a bold statement so can go somewhere prominent to show it off.


Cream and yellow are two colours that effortless combine to create a soothing and uplifting feeling. Becky, again channels the UK in the Spring and Summer through A wild array of cottage and meadow flowers. White and yellow Queen Anne’s Lace and cream Foxgloves harmoniously sit inside one of our rustic vintage style vases that looks to create a beautiful addition to any home – be it contemporary or modern.

What does Foxglove represent to you? How would you use it in your home? As always, we would like to thank you for reading our blog and, of course, comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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Happy New Year from Maura Collection

artificial foxglove arrangement

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very best in our artificial flower bouquets and more. Well, let’s start with a very Happy New Year to all of our clients and friends. The support that we have received over the last year has truly been impressive and something that we greatly appreciate. We hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful Christmas Break and New Year’s. Indeed, 2019 will see our teams continuing to grow and to expand our offerings.

For Maura Collection, our interest and passion for interior design will lead us to continue to offer faux flower bouquets, vases for artificial flowers and more but we also want to start incorporating our love for design more. Not only will we expand our own range of bouquets and arrangements but we will also offer additional items and pieces that would make welcome, loving additions to any home.

Firstly, we will offer pieces that are truly one of a kind and unique. Exclusive not in the stuffy sense, but exclusive in the sense that once we run out there simply won’t be any more! We source all of our products, be they flowers or chairs, vases or buckets, from independent little places that add that special uniqueness to your property. Indeed, our existing ranges of Winter faux flower bouquets showcases the special little arrangements that we have curated just for you.

We like to think, and many have said this to us, that the work that we do is not the norm. Not the norm being something different, something surprising and something that is made with love.

So, as we plan big and small things for 2019 we just want to say to all of our clients, friends and family: THANK YOU and we look forward to continuing to offer the very best faux flower arrangements out there.


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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

vivacity last minute gift artificial flower

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the finest Artificial flower bouquets and arrangements made with love by our teams. Now, what’s happening this time next week? Is a certain man planning on visiting your home? Showering you with gifts? You do know this is Santa we are talking about, don’t you? Well, Christmas is nearly here and the cards have been sent, the extensive dinner has been planned but, oh wait, you’ve forgotten a present. Don’t worry, we bring you three of our Winter artificial flower arrangements as a last minute gift buying guide.


What a lovely combination are these two flowers make. One being bold and sophisticated and the other the wild humble dill. We simply love the contrast of the two – both warming and comforting, ideal for the forthcoming Winter months. The burgundy of the hydrangeas and the yellow of the dill make a simple but striking contrast. Displayed in our Alda vase (sold separately £38).


Faux berry flowersFor us, nothing says Winter more than a bunch of Winter berries. Bright red berries are elegantly offset with the soft green leaves resulting in a modern and contemporary arrangement. We think this would make a great gift to go in the hallway, a colourful way to welcome guests and certainly a versatile arrangement.







Wild Cottage

faux foxglove arrangementWho doesn’t like looking forward to the New Year and Spring? Give the gift of delicate silken flowers, elegantly set in one of our unique vases with the Wild Cottage arrangement. A veritable cacophony of colour and text meet in this arrangement with Foxgloves, Willow Eucalyptus, Green Spider Leaves, White Dogwood and a big blousy Queen Anne’s Lace head all combining to create a beautioful arrangement. This is the ultimate gift this Christmas, even if we do say so ourselves.




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The reward of good design

Copper Stag Award

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the latest in our contemporary artificial flower bouquets, fabulous faux flower arrangements and more. Now, we love to speak to businesses who, like ourselves, appreciate good design and aesthetics. We speak with Jack Carr of Creative Awards, based in London the company specialise in bespoke awards, about what inspires their designs, what it is like to produce awards and trophies for their heroes and, of course, their favourite flowers.

Hi Jack, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us. Tell us, why awards?

Good question, well the company was actually founded by my dad over 40 years ago and we are the U.K’s oldest established awards maker. I have always taken an interest in design and creative industries and it seemed a natural fit to join my dad and uncle at the business. I am proud to say that I am responsible for our designs mainly but I also work with the team to problem solve an issues that may come up. for example, when we are creating a bespoke award we always have to take into account how the different materials will, quite literally, fit together and work. What we do is rather technical and we need to know a lot about different bonding temperatures, how various materials react for example.

visit England AwardWe take real pride is using high quality materials in our arrangements and our clients really appreciate how we source what we use. How important is that for you and your line of work?

I looked at your products before we spoke and I must say that I am really impressed not only by your compositions but also by the flowers themselves. They look lifelike! Yes, quality is of the utmost importance to ourselves. We have built great relationships with our suppliers over the years and we have a mutual understanding that we need the very best materials to create our awards. For example, the quality of the material will always be fantastic but the choice of material does affect the price. We could make the same trophy or award from a different material and the feel and look will be different. I like to think that the sheer variety of what we use makes our awards very special. For example, we have created a line of oil deal toys that are often exchanged when big oil deals go down. Through some top secret techniques we have managed to encapsulate liquid crude oil in a clear acrylic miniature drum. Another request we had was to use a meteorite in an award. We also use more ‘familiar materials’ such as wood, traditional resin casting techniques, metals and natural materials like slate or reclaimed wood.

Creative Awards have produced awards for some very famous events. What is it like to work with your idols?

I think that the word idol has two meanings here. 1) the actual people that I looked up to as a child, and still do, and 2) the events/organisations that mean a lot to me. For example, we work with some huge events such as BBC Children in Need, The Teenage Cancer Trust, The Empire Film Awards. All of these events are things that mean a lot to me both personally and professionally. We have worked with some famous people but sadly our NDAs limit what I can say. One thing is for sure, they’re all rather cool people.

Great, that’s good to know. Just to round off our quick chat, what are you favourite flowers?

Well, I am not that much of a flower person but I do like nice bouquets. My favourite flowers tend to be the ones my partner likes as they’re the ones that make our home look great! If I were to choose, I probably would choose something like Sunflowers. Either in a big bunch or just one on its own in a vase, I think they look great.

Once again, Maura and the team would like to thank Jack and Creative Awards for taking the time to sit down with us. for more information on Jack or any custom awards, contact Creative Awards on 020 7242 4020  or via

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Wonderful Winter Ideas

Winter faux flower arrangement

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very latest in our artificial flower bouquets and more. With Winter truly setting in and Christmas fast approaching, we showcase just a selection of our Winter artificial flower arrangements to help you add colour, texture and tone to your home.

Bucket of Berries

What could be more festive or Wintery than a bright bucket of berries? We simply love this colourful addition that features artificial berries in an old blue salvaged factory bucket.  Add a vibrant touch to your Winter festivities and this versatile arrangement can be placed anywhere in the home to add a warming splash of colour. From the a kitchen island to a  hall table the bucket of berries can stand on their own or grouped together with other decorations.

When you tire of your berries and decide to put them away for next Winter, you can fill your bucket with plants or flowers, grasses or branches, real or faux. The only thing that limits you is your imagination.


The Ada is one of our favourite arrangements and we think would make a great addition to nay home this Winter. The hand tied bouquet uses one big ruby red hydrangea as the centrepiece that is complimented by two pink and cream hellebores all tied together with a blackberry branch and soft green ferns. We think that this would look great in a vase or a jug but also would be a lovely gift to give.


Our faux apple tree looks so good that you may be tempted to take a bite of one of the apples. The delicate arrangement is beautifully simple and elegant. Sometimes we think that using just one type of flower or fruit can have such a wonderful impact ant the Pomona certainly is a case in point. This little arrangement would look great in the kitchen and is the perfect way to bring in and Autumn and Winter feel to your home.

Amazing Hydrangea Bouquet 

Maureen and arrangementModelled by the lovely Maureen, the Amazing Hydrangea bouquet is, well, rather amazing! This bold statement arrangement has seven soft green grey hydrangeas that are wonderfully offset by tall Queen Anne’s Lace, wafting Willow Eucalyptus and cream Skimmia. AS you may have noticed, the majority of our bouquets use rich reds and deep crimsons as their colour schemes. We think that the creams and greens of this arrangement work well in most interiors be they more contemporary or rustic.


Like our Winter arrangement ideas? Where would you place them? Let us know your thoughts and comment on our blog below.

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A Quick Chat With Lalage Beaumont

Lalage Beaumont Interview

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very best of our artificial flower arrangements and more. In today’s blog we share our love of design and aesthetics with London women’s wear designer Lalage Beaumont. Known for her modern mother of the bride outfits, occasion wear and matching dresses and jackets for weddings, investitures and more Lalage’s designs are eye-catching and beautiful. We spoke with Lalage about her inspirations, how she became a clothing designer and her favourite flowers.

What inspired you to become a clothing designer?

From a young age I always remember that I have wanted to be a designer. My mother, who was a domestic science teacher, taught me the fundamentals of sewing and cutting patterns and always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. As I became older my love for design and fashion grew with me and pushed me into a career within fashion.

How did you open your own label?

Following on from my degree my first job in fashion was at British label Aquascutum who also sponsored my final year degree show at college. After Aquascutum I freelanced at Burberry before being approached by Aquascutum once again to be their head coat designer. I worked at Austin Reed and then moved internally where I started their women’s collection. Finally, before establishing my own label I was at Mulberry running the Ready to Wear division and overseeing the design and development for clothing and accessories. So, as you can see I have worked for many British labels, always learning and experiencing new ways of design, before opening up my own label.

Who are your influences within fashion?

I try to draw inspiration from anything that I appreciate aesthetically. However, the great couturiers of the 50s and 60s, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Yves St. Laurent, Balenciaga have made the biggest impact on my career and my own style. I am also influenced by the smart, clean modern lines of the early 60s and, of course, by the wonderful and iconic style leaders from that era; Jackie ‘O’, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn.

What does design mean to you in fashion?

I am very passionate about designing and making my collections in England. I believe in classic English tailoring, pieces that can be appreciated for now and forever. In terms of my style, I love simplicity of line, cut and intricate detailing to flatter women of any age or shape. Within my collections I always use the very best fabrics to offer create supreme comfort and style. I use beautiful Italian prints on silk cloqué and silk and wool matelassé (used only by the best couturiers in Europe) which are created in Como especially for me with only a few metres ever printed ensuring exclusivity and individuality. Wonderful Spanish jacquards and brocades glow with the liveliness only fine silk can achieve and my textures are from English tweeds in chanelesque styling,

What are your favourite flowers?

Very good question! Well, I think that you simply can’t go wrong with the classics. White roses, Hydrangeas, foxglove. I look at flowers in the same way I approach my choice of fabrics. I like to find classic combinations, something that offers texture and, of course, they must look good.


Maura Collection would like to thank Lalage for taking the time to sit down and have chat with us. For more information on Lalage and her designs contact the Knightsbridge boutique via or via 020 7584 9977.

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Great Garland Gifts

Winter Wreath ideas

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very best in our artificial flower arrangements and more. Now, December is finally upon us and we are looking forward to the tidings of joy, the get togethers with friends and family and the feasting that this season brings. We simply love the Winter months and just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean that your home can’t have a welcoming warmth to it.

We’ve chosen some of our artificial garlands that can spruce up your home, wherever you may be able to place them, and add a fantastic festive touch.


On Your Front Doorflax door wreath

Welcome your guests before they enter your home with a fabulous garland. We’ve chosen the Flax Wreath as a way to create an inviting and welcoming feel to your property. The delicate piece is made from dried flax and this particular style can be found in homes across Europe. In particular, this design offers a great texture, the round buds, the smooth branches and the shades of white and cream all combine to create a really appealing way to artifical winter wreathdecorate your front door.


In the Living Room

Our Jace (40) wall hanger is simply wonderful. What’s more, the neutral tones and colour scheme work wonderfully with most interiors be they more rustic or contemporary. Like the old advert goes, the Jace is for life and not just for Christmas! This fresh design is perfect for all times of year and really offers great value for those looking for a beautiful centrepiece for their living room. We’ve dressed the wall hanger with great greens that create a light and airy feel. You can add whatever you want to create contrasts in colour and texture.


From the Rafters

Ho ho ho, what do we have here? Why our Vibrant Wreath! This really is a stunning garland and we think that the colours, shades and textures combine ever so elegantly. Bold reds, soft green and neutral taupe adds a festively refined feel to the wreath. This would look simply fabulous hangin gfrom the rafters in a barn style home although you could happily prop this on a mantlepiece above a fireplace.

What is your favourite garland? How would you hang them? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!


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Supporting the RDA at Maura HQ

Christmas Fair at Maura Market

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very latest and greatest from The Maura Collection and our contemporary artificial flower arrangements and bouquets. Now, aside from crafting our wonderful bouquets we enjoy being part of the local community and working with other businesses around Suffolk. You may have seen our recent guest post with our friend Sean of Hall Street boutiques where and the work we recently undertook.

Christmas charity Fair suffolkThis week we were delighted to host our annual Christmas fair at Maura HQ where we invited local businesses to join in our charity event to raise money for the Riding for the Disabled Association, a fabulous charity that is close to our hearts.

All in all we had over 85 guests turn up to support the cause and enjoy a bit of pre-Christmas shopping with other local businesses. In fact, we were so busy that we only managed to take a few quick snaps of the event.

As well as our own arrangements, there was a wide variety of other local businesses who participated in our event. From fashion to Christmas gifts, jewellery to vintage, we enjoyed seeing the talents of these magnificent companies and their fine offerings.  Of course, delicious artisan food and drink were available and enjoyed by many.

We were incredibly happy with how the event was received and would like to say a big thank you to all of our visitors and the businesses who attended. For more information on the great work that the RDA do and to find out more you can visit their site at


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Five Must Haves This Christmas

faux flower berries

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very best in our faux flower bouquets and more. Now, the chilly season is upon us and we will quickly find ourselves celebrating Christmas with our friends and family. Aside from wondering where the year has gone we also had a thought about how our wonderful artificial flower bouquets can add some colour to your home this festive season. We have chosen our must have 5 items to transform your home this Christmas.

Flax Wreath

Faux flax wreatahOur flax door wreath brings a touch of Winter to your home and offers a fantastic way to decorate many spaces in your interiors. What we simply love about this classic artificial wreath is that it simply adds an elegant way to recognise the season. The neutral tones, the cultured textures and the specs of green give the pieces a versatile feel. Indeed, the Flax Wreath can be added to your front door to welcome guests, can rest on the mantelpiece as a centrepiece or can be hung from the rafters. Wherever you place it is your choice but one thing we do know is that it will look stunning.




Cascade is one of our all time favourite arrangements and this Winter we urge you to see just why it is one of our most popular arrangements. Featuring warming red fruit branches and berries that burst with colour and deep, green Eucalyptus spray this delightful contemporary arrangement has great personality and is both impactful and contemporary.

Cream Foxglove Wrap

Our artificial foxglove wrap is such a wonderful arrangement that we think you’ll love it all year round. This arrangement makes for the perfect centrepiece, it’s bold, beautiful and makes an impact. We love the idea of gifting artificial flowers and Christmas is the perfect time of year to gift to a friend (or yourself, of course) and would make a welcome addition to many interiors. We think that the Cream Foxglove Wrap would make a great statement piece on a table and would help tie a room together and act as the focal point.

Autumn Blush

Yes, we do know that this is from our Autumn collection but with an arrangement so pretty we feel that it is certainly a must have for this time of year. The colours in this arrangement are still quite soft but this display is welcoming early Autumn and the Winter in with its russet hydrangeas that act as the main point for the arrangement. Highlighted with Queen Anne’s Lace, white roses and billowy willow eucalyptus this highly textured piece uses these rustic colours to capture Winter. We think that the design looks great with boho style interiors or adds a flourish of soft colour to more Scandi home styles. As with all our arrangements, the flowers are not fixed in the vase which gives you scope if in future you want to add anything to the design.


We really can’t get enough of red and green and this classic winter colour scheme is perfectly personified with our Scarlet arrangement. As part of our design philosophy, we think that sometimes big bunches of one type of flower is enough. Featuring red berries this warming arrangement would look fantastic on a side table in the living room or on the kitchen table.

What’s your favourite gift from our suggestions? For more information on any of the pieces featured, contact our teams via or on 01473 652393