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Slow Home


You must have noticed that interiors are going down something of a traditional look, but with a quirky twist. Deep colours, antique furniture and floral patterns are making a splash this autumn.

It is a hark back to our grandmothers era but putting our own spin on it.

This trend has been gathering pace for nostalgia in our day to day living. We are increasingly buying our food from small local producers, and seeking out products that are made with love and made to last. Life in general is moving on at a fast pace with technology, and as we embrace this hectic lifestyle we want to surround ourselves with comfort and heritage.


Styles and time frames are strangely familiar but have been updated to fit in today’s homes.

Old and new complimenting each other beautifully.

The good bones of an old piece of furniture or chair, are being recognised and brought back to life.

Designers and manufacturers are creating pieces that will last and stand the test of time.

The foil to this look is a very clean contemporary style. Also beautiful, done well but more in a future blog.

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Why Faux flowers?

Why Faux flowers?

Gone are the days when artificial flowers were fake looking faded dust traps. Even their name has changed to faux to elevate them to new heights. They are now a feature in their own right, because of sophisticated new materials and colour techniques.

They are not intended to replace mother nature but can be a wonderful focal point and can fill a void where time, space or natural light are a challenge.

They are also wonderful for people with allergies to fresh flowers as they can be enjoyed in all seasons with no ill effect.

Always buy the best quality blooms as you will pay more for them originally but they will prove a worthwhile investment over time.

They can be very versatile and are now being used in situations where fresh would not survive for any time. They are now regularly used at weddings and even Megan and Harry had them alongside fresh.




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Faux For Weddings

Faux flowers are now so realistic and versatile with a huge choice that many brides and guests are incorporating them into their wedding plans.

Faux corsages can look really stunning. They will hold their shape and will not wilt.

You have a huge choice of colours and combinations that may not be available with fresh, especially in the winter months.

Faux can be used to decorate the venue as in flower arches and big statement arrangements as well as the wedding chairs.

They can also be used to decorate that all important wedding cake.

The only golden rule is that they must be of top quality.

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Sometimes all you need is green

This beach house found on Desire to inspire has been given a modern relaxed timeless quality by Starr Stamford Design.

Floral decoration has been kept to a minimum of lovely punchy green.

It just proves what we always say.  Sometimes all you need is a one or more statement stems or branches of foliage to make an impact.



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Moving Forward

It’s been a very busy time here at Maura. New blooms, foliage and fruit branches have arrived and we are busy making them up into new seasons designs.

We are also sourcing things for the market and looking forward to the “made for us“ items being finished and ready.

As well as stunning displays of very exceptional flowers and greenery, we hope to give you ideas to make your home into the most beautiful and happiest place it can be.

It will take a bit of time to put all these pieces together but stay with us and come along for the ride and you won’t be disappointed.


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Lots of exciting things happening in the next few months.

As well as adding more sumptuous bouquets for the season along with fruit tree creations and foliage

We are in the throes of expanding the site with Maura’s Market where we will sell things that we find on our travels that fit our mould of lifestyle products and hopefully speak to you too.

We are also delving into ‘made for us’ products that will be unique to Maura starting with a wonderful coffee table ottoman made locally in the UK.

We are off on a buying trip to Europe tomorrow and we are excited as to what we will find.

Watch this space!

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White and pink faux flowers - Maura Collection


New Year and our thoughts turn to things we want to do to ourselves, to our home and our garden.

We at Maura are interested in all forms of design and using flowers foliage and plants to enhance our spaces. As we say we are not trying to compete with nature as our garden at Maura HQ will testify.  Our faux blooms are sourced from the most innovative company who personally design and create beautiful flowers, foliage , fruit branches and plants every season. We then put them together in simple but stunning bouquets.

It is ok to fake it if you “Fake it Beautifully”

We have lots of Spring and Summer Fever coming soon in various forms.

Our blogs this coming year will focus on lifestyle and we hope it will give you ideas of how you can make a difference with a few simple but stunning statements.

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Photo Shoot

We have just had a photo shoot day for the autumn winter pallet of blooms.

Our photographer was brilliant and made the whole thing go so smoothly.

When you are buying from a web site the images need to be excellent because if the images are not good they can let down fantastic products.

He taught us how to give real feeling to the lifestyle shots.

We learnt lots and will come back full of ideas for the spring summer shoot.


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A Life Less Perfect

Gone are the days when we entertained with lavish dinner parties that took so much time to prepare the food and arrange the table.

Most of the time you were too exhausted to enjoy your own party.

The new entertaining is all about wholesome easy to prepare food, laid back decorations and a laid back host. This lifestyle has spilled out into everyday life in fashion and in our homes.

Our homes are becoming more open plan with no rooms kept for best. Interiors have no hard and fast rules, mixing old with new, different colour palettes and incorporating the inside with the outside

The new trend for flowers fresh and faux is also relaxed. All sorts of containers are used for arranging flowers and foliage, fresh and artificial. Often a bunch of blooms is put straight into a vase and allowed to fall at will.

We salute this new lifestyle thinking without the rigid rules. It has brought a new found freedom and people are thinking out of the box with ways to make life more interesting and less stressful.

We have tried to incorporate this thinking into our faux flowers.

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Everyone Is Catching On

The manufacturing process of faux flowers has come a long way since the obviously plastic looking dust traps of days gone by.

They are now incredibly lifelike and although they will never compete with Mother Nature, they are a beautiful design story in their own right.

You can think out of the box and add things that would not come easily with fresh flowers that have a limited life.

They are used in many other places apart from the home, i.e. weddings, the work place, hospitals, social and corporate events.