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Mellow Yellow

Yellow artificial flower arrangement

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very best in our contemporary artificial flower arrangements and more. Now, with the season of Spring well in swing we want to celebrate this joyful time of year by showcasing our vibrant and bright designs. Indeed, with Easter approaching we want to showcase our yellow tinged faux flowers that are resplendent in their ways.


For ourselves at Maura Collection when we think of Spring we think of the fresh feel and bright colours of the season. Becky perfectly exemplifies the gorgeous tones of nature with its softy creamy whites livened up with bright yellow. Inspired by the fields near our cottage, Becky is a homage to the delights of nature – wild, inspiring and free. A wild array of cottage and meadow flowers.

Summer Love

Is this named after one of our favourite songs from Grease? We will let you be the judge of that! Summer Love is a delicate arrangement that brings together pastel pink roses that elegantly contrast with the deep, rustic greens of the accompanying foliage.The lovely silken roses are tinged with pink adding a softness and dreamlike feel to the arrangement. The bouquet is punctuated with yellow Skimmia creating a fresh and natural feel. Lovely!  

Lemon Passion

One for the cooks out there we think! Lemon Passion is bursting with colour and bursting with personality. We think that Lemon Passion would bring a warm, sunny feeling to any interior and would especially sit well in a kitchen, kitchen diner or a sunroom. Lemons make you think of warm climates, not to mention the paring with food and drink. Combine these with big full yellow roses, soft creamy yellow Skimmia and add some vibrant green. All sitting in our green tinged recycled glass vase. The perfect recipe. Anyone for G and T?

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Happy Hydrangeas

artificial hydrangea bouquet uk

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very latest in our beautiful artificial flower arrangements and bouquets. With March slowly fading into April we are always looking at ways to bring added life and colour to our arrangements and your home. In today’s blog entry we want to celebrate all that is Hydrangea by choosing three of our most popular hydrangea bouquets.

Did you know that there is some debate as to what Hydgrangea symbolises? Some have seen it to represent vanity and boastfulness (perhaps reflecting its abundance of petals and lavish, rounded shape) whilst others suggest that a bouquet of hydrangea expresses the giver’s gratefulness for the recipient’s understanding. Regardless of what you may think it symbolizes there is no doubt, in our minds at least, that this big, bold flower is one of our favourites.

Autumn Blush

The colours in this arrangement are still quite soft but this display is welcoming early Autumn in with its russet hydrangeas. These are highlighted with Queen Anne’s Lace, white roses and billowy willow eucalyptus. To turn this into a real talking point it comes in our rustic antique style vase.  Looks great with the new bohemian style interiors or adds a flourish of soft colour to more Scandi home styles. As with all our arrangements, the flowers are not fixed in the vase which gives you scope if in future you want to add anything to the design.


What a lovely combination are these two. One being bold and sophisticated and the other the wild humble dill. The burgundy of the hydrangeas and the yellow of the dill make a simple but striking contrast. Displayed in our Alda vase.


A big bunch of a single flower always looks very dramatic and sophisticated. These hydrangeas have big bold heads of blue and green. They are 78 cm. long but are easily cut with wire cutters or bend them stems if you want to change the length. Like our arrangements of just one colour? Have a look at Violetta with deep, warming purples and fleeks of white. Likewise, Hydrangea Soft Green captures the showy blooms as they stand on their own quite happily but a piece of bold green foliage compliments them well.These big soft green tinged with pink hydrangea heads look stunning combined with dark big dark leafed branches.

Which is your favourite? For more information on our faux flower arrangements and more, contact our teams via or on  01473 652393


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Meet the Team at Arya Candles

Meet Arya Candles

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you all things related to our gorgeous artificial flower arrangements and more. Now, home decor is a subject that is very dear to our hearts. In a previous life our founder Maureen was a home stylist and it is this love of bringing beautiful items to homes that inspired Maura Collection. We are always in search of ways to assist our clients in finding gorgeous items for their homes and with this in mind we look into a dear company that we have discovered, Arya.

Arya are a luxury candle company based in Suffolk. Their elegant and sophisticated scented candles bring a fresh and vibrant feel to homes but what truly sets the business apart is their truly remarkable socially conscious approach to what they do.

Using the finest quality botanical oils, Arya create candles and reed diffusers that are handcrafted in small batches. With no added waxes, chemicals or additives the beautiful items  are vegan friendly and use no ingredients that have been tested on animals. Whatsmore, the unique scent blends are created by the Arya co-founders, Lina & Jenny.

Arya believe passionately that business can have a positive effect on the world and change lives for the better. Working with the charity Women for Women International, Arya use their platform to enrich and enhance the lives of women in countries affected by war and conflict. The charity offers support, tools and life changing skills that enabl

e the women to rebuild their lives and find new stability, strength and economic self-sufficiency.

When it comes to interior design and creating mood within a home small details and accessories can make an enormous difference. A fantastically decoratedhome relies on balance and contrast to create the overall feel. However, a feeling in a home is not just visual or aesthetic. Using candles adds a real olfactory experience that enhances the room and brings another depth of experience to the overall scheme. We simply love to use candles to create that extra detail within a home itself.

We always feel it is important to highlight local businesses, especially those that operate in such a meaningful and impactful way and Maura Collection would like to wish Arya all of the best with their endeavours.

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A Burst of Citric Colours

Lemon Passion

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very latest in our wonderful faux flower bouquets and arrangements. Now, at Maura Collection we are suckers for colour. We love big bold arrangements that bring a brightness and lightness to the spaces they inhabit. In today’s blog we look at all that is citric and celebrate the bright colours of yellow and orange that can act as inspiration for you when choosing an arrangement or just if you want to add a dash of brighntess to your home.


faux clementine treeWe start by looking at one of our favourite dainty arrangements, Clementine. We often have spoken about the merits of choosing a single type of flower (or fruit in this case) and how that one choice can create a big impact. Clementine is proof that arrangements come in all shapes and sizes and, sometimes, less is more. Featuring plump faux clementines, so lifelike that they are almost ready to pick wouldn’t you agree, this small bouquet packs a bright punch. The orange contrasts with a solid spray of green creating a fresh and vibrant look that would look just lovely within a kitchen or dining area.


Becky is our ode to rural life and creates the warming sensation of strolling through a meadow on a Summer’s day as the warmth of the sun radiates down above and the blue skies envelop the bright colours of the Earth. Featuring both white and yellow Queen Anne’s Lace and cream Foxgloves in a rustic vintage style vase. A delightfully soft arrangement, the subtle tones of yellow allow you to add an almost watercolour like palette of colour to your home without being to bright.

Lemon Passion

Lemon passion is a large arrangement that conjures up images of the Spring, Summer and the feel good factor that colour can bring. Again, we feel that the soft colours that so elegantly contrast with the brighter hues would sit happily in a kitchen but would be equally at home in a conservatory or even a sunroom. Lemon Passion make you think of warm climates, not to mention the paring with food and drink. Combine these with big full yellow roses, soft creamy yellow Skimmia and add some vibrant green. All sitting in our green tinged recycled glass vase. The perfect recipe.  Anyone for G and T?


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Bold and Beautiful

Pink faux flower arrangement

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the latest designs from our fabulous range of contemporary artificial flower arrangements. With clear blue skies ahead (fingers firmly crossed, of course) we want to help you celebrate this change in the season with big and bold arrangements to bring vibrancy and life to your home. Artificial flower arrangements are a fabulous way to bring that freshly cut flower look to your home and with our Spring artificial flowers we think that these will make the perfect way to celebrate the season. We’ve chosen three of our BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL arrangements to help you add some colour to your living space.


Pink is one of our favourite colours to work with here at Maura Collection. What we love about pink its just the wonderful range of tones that the colour bears. Whatsmore, pink is a wonderful way to add a vibrant burst of colour to a space and can act as a focal point within a room. With this in mind, we would like to introduce Larissa; A mix of Dahlias, fern and red pepper berries that burst with a bold and bright pink that is wonderfully contrasted by the soft greens and creams of the supporting flowers. We have arranged this complete in our grey squash vase as where the bright pink contrasts with the grey vase.


As you may known Elenor is one of our absolute favourite arrangements. Looking for big and beautiful? Then look no further with this one! We think that Elenor would make a fantastic statement piece in a living room, hallway or dining room and the textures, tones and size create a brilliant impact. A bouquet of vibrant pink peonies,white roses, bright green viburnum, soft green eucalyptus leaves and mauve clematis all elegantly and effortlessly combine to create Elenor.

Marella arrangement Marella

Have you met Marella before? Conjuring up tropical images, sandy beaches and a general feeling of contentment, Marella is a fun way to add that dash of colour. The unusual and totally original arrangement is a flamboyant odd to the joys of colour. Made up of rich dark red hydrangeas, red roses, deep mauve orchids, blackberries, green dogwood, berries and tumbling amaranthus Marella is a stunning arrangement for those looking for something BOLD.

What’s your favourite arrangement from our suggestions? For more information on any of the pieces featured, contact our teams via or on 01473 652393


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Spring Has Sprung At Maura Collection

Green artificial flower arrangement

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very latest in our faux flower bouquets and arrangements. Now, what’s that? Blue(ish) skies, lighter evenings and a generally feeling of contentment. Could it be that the cold shackles of Winter have been lifted and that Spring is finally on the way? We sure hope so! With the blessings of Spring nearly fully amongst us we decided to showcase some of our wonderful Spring artificial flower arrangements that will allow you to bring the fresh, vibrant feel of this magical season to your home.

Green Duo

What could be better than one style of green flowers? Well, we think two! This fantastic flower arrangement channels the feelings of wide open fields brimming with rustic and untamed delight. This simple yet stunning combination of Leucospermum and trailing green foliage is soft yet rugged at the same time. It will look good in any season and its easy versatile design will fit in well in any room or interior space.

Verdant Whisper

One of our most popular and favourite arrangements makes a welcome return in 2019 and continues to be a bestseller. Soft, delicate textures and tones combine gracefully to create a welcoming and attractive arrangement. We wanted to create a simple and stylish look and verdant whisper whispers the soft hues and gentles feel of Spring. White Nigella, Willow Eucalyptus, small headed Queen Anne’s Lace and feathery fern create a harmonious feeling that stands out in an assured and gentle way.

Hydrangea Beauty Blue and Green

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL. One of our favourite ways to arrange flowers is to use the inherent beauty within the structure of a single pieces to create a special arrangement. We think that some of the best arrangements are those which just use one flower and allow its natural beauty to be displayed. The Hydrangea, with its almost honeycomb like body, is such a wonderful flower and stands alone in its own right. Add this to a kitchen, a living room table or even a hallway to bring Spring into your home. 

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Meet Our New Pieces

Out of the woods artificial flower arrangement.

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the latest in our contemporary faux flower arrangements and more. Now, has winter finally ended? Whilst it has been unseasonably mild the grey weather persists and we are in much need of some vibrant colour to fight these dour, grey days. We are delighted to announce that we have been rather busy creating some wonderful new artificial flower arrangements that add our much needed dose of lightness. In today’s blog post we would like to introduce some new additions to our team. So, without further ado: meet our new pieces!

Blue artificial flower arrangementNantucket Blue

Who said blue was the feeling of sadness? Our beautiful, blue boxed Nantucket Blue is just the thing to add a splash of colour at the time of year. What makes this arrangement particularly great is its versatile size. Sitting in an elegant reclaimed wooden box, we are suckers for the distressed-vintage look, the Nantucket Blue looks great anywhere in the home. From an artificial centrepiece in the living room or a lovely little internal window box in the kitchen or bedroom, the Nantucket Blue sits at home, well…. anywhere in your home!

Out Of The Woods

If you go down to the woods today you’re sure in for a big surprise! We simply love the contrast that is on display in this arrangement. We took some beautiful wood and used it as the basis for the display with delicate silken flowers woven in and around the finished wood. Ferns and Dogwood combine to create this magnificent piece which would look simply magical in a dining room where it could be a showstopping, jaw dropping way to welcome your guests.


rustic faux flower arrangementsWhen you think of the word Marina, if you are like us, you think of luscious holidays, quaint harbourside cafes and the fresh smell of salty sea air. We wanted to create a rustic feel that would bring the feeling of the outdoors inside and put faded forest Allium into our sea rock vase. The simple and complimentary arrangement works with so many spaces around the house and would look lovely in a bathroom with its nod to the sea. We also feel that it would look super on a side table, however, due to the soft and earthy colours will not dominate any room and sit just wonderfully.

Have you seen our Spring artificial flower arrangements? Why not discover more of these fab pieces and pick one or two up for your home! For more information, contact our teams via or on 01473 652393.


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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Maura Collection

Valentine's day

Welcome back to Maura Collection where we bring you the very best in our contemporary artificial flower arrangements and more. Now, this week is a rather special week, don’t you think? Love is in the air and it permeates our thoughts with that special person in our life as we celebrate all that is love on Valentine’s Day.

Did you know that the tradition of Valentine’s day is thought to come from the Romans? When Emperor Claudius II was trying to expand his army, he forbade young men marrying as it was thought that single men made better soldiers. However, Saint Valentine, a Roman priest, defined the ban and performed marriages in secret.  For his disobedience, Valentine was executed on February 14th and from there we have Valentine’s Day.

In the spirit of love we have chosen 3 of our favourite artificial arrangements that feature roses that make the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

Summer Love

Part of our Summer artificial flower arrangements, summer love is the ideal way to warm up your significant other’s heart in this chilly month. The beautiful arrangement is a bold statement Wild and rugged, Summer Love features Soft cream roses tinged with pink, yellow Skimmia and whispy green foliage. The centrepiece, of course, are the pink roses that invite the eyes so delicately into the bouquet. Punctuated by creams and greens, this thoughtful arrangement is certainly special.


BIG emotions deserve BIG arrangements, right? Elenor is the personification of passion and is a beautifully bold arrangement. What we love about Elenor is that it is a statement bouquet meaning that, in our opinion, it is best displayed in the middle of a room on a table allowing all to appreciate the beauty. Bursting with colour, the arrangement features texture and bright, alluring  tones. Vibrant pink peonies, white roses, bright green viburnum, soft green eucalyptus leaves and mauve clematis all elegantly mingle creating a gorgeous and unforgettable gift.


As we know, love comes in many shapes and sizes. Isobel is a delicate arrangement that whispers words of love in a subtle yet confident manner. Crisp, white roses and figs (an unusual combination, we agree!) combine effortlessly to create a beautiful arrangement. The angled lines of the roses contrast against the rounded, plump figs adding a glorious depth of shape to the piece.

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Meet Banbayu

Banabyu blog

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the latest in our artificial flower bouquets and arrangements. In today’s blog we sit down with a company that is close to our hearts, Banbayu. Born out of a love of ethically sourced, luxury home accessories Banbayu is the result of three friend’s decision to help improve the lives of people across the world through unique design and more.  With Fairtrade Fortnight coming up, Banabyu introduces us to their wonderful range of pieces and the very important meaning behind their offerings.

Fairtrade Fortnight: Design Stories of Ethical Craftsmanship

Ethical luxury home itemsCelebrate Fairtrade Fortnight that runs from 25 February until 10 March 2019, with luxury handmade treats for the home interior that come with the feel good factor. Banbayu is a UK based Fairtrade interiors brand where every piece has philanthropy at its heart. Having seen first hand the impact of unsustainable manufacturing and unruly suppliers taking advantage of local artists, the founders ensure every item is made with ecologically sustainable materials an ethically verified manufacturing process.

Sustainably sourced directly from the artisans who make them, ethically produced and responsibly transported, discover curated luxury by local skilled craftsmen from some of the most diverse cultures, remote islands and thriving cities all over the world.

Grace permeates all ranges with organic forms, beautifully imperfect characteristics, and natural materials. From Indonesian decorative vases, copper home accessories, copper table lamps, and wooden plates, to Transylvanian wallpapers, luxury ceiling lights and bio ethanol fires from Denmark. There’s a unique and unforgettable piece to inject wanderlust into your home with a story to tell.

Founded by three friends Patrick, Steffen, and Roland, Banbayu evolved from a devotion to exploring the world’s cultures. Over decades of travelling every continent, they’ve curated a vast home interior collection to unite wanderlust with luxury handmade crafts and bring a touch of ethically sourced luxury to the home. For more information, why not visit and have a look at their wonderful items?

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Welcome to The Baby Cot Shop


At Maura Collection, our love of interiors and home decor is something we are keen to share with our readers. We feel that our artificial flower arrangements are the perfect way to add harmony and colour to your home throughout the year. With this in mind, we speak with Toks Aruoture of London baby boutique The Baby Cot Shop about how to create a beautiful nursery or bedroom for your little ones.

Nursery interior design is becoming increasingly popular as parents seek the advice of a professional in creating a beautiful nursery for their new arrival. Toks, what does nursery design mean to you?

A nursery, in my opinion, is certainly more than the sum of its parts. Nurseries are an exciting addition to the home as they represent the bringing of a new life into the property and the excitement of new parents is certainly palpable. For my clients, a nursery means so much more than the furniture or decor within it. It is a place of nurturing, of rest and of love. A place where your baby can find harmony and develop. As the child grows, the nursery becomes even more. A place why imagination is sparked, where dreams are made. Often, the nursery transforms into a place to play, study and, of course, to rest.

What advice do you have for designing a nursery?

I always like to start by outlining and understanding the client’s vision for their luxury baby room. Understanding how they see it, their ideas and their likes allows me to create something magical for them and their baby. I bring together different styles of furniture based on their preferences and from their work with them to put together the colour scheme too. I love fabrics and helping to source the finest items for the nursery. My advice is always: do your research! Look at what is out there, look into styles and themes that you love. A well-researched client allows me to fully understand their requests, I also enjoy working with parents who simply don’t know where got start. My final tip is to always consider space. Space adds such a great feeling if well used. If space isn’t well used the nursery can feel too closed and too restrictive.

What trends do you see in nursery interior design for 2019?

I like to think that my business offers both contemporary and classic styles and within that we are not too affected by trends. However, for this year I see the continuation of more neutral tones. Soft creams, greys and whites that create a very modern feel. From there, I suggest two options. 1) Keep in line with the scheme and add furniture that matches and works with these colours or 2) go colourful! Well chosen, thoughtful colours need not be overused. They can add that additional depth and really highlight the individual pieces within the room. Botanicals are also growing in popularity and this is represented by ;large-scale greenery or flowers on a feature wall.  

How would you incorporate our faux flowers into a design of yours?

I think that is certainly dependent on the client them self and how they would feel with flowers being in their child’s nursery. I, for one, love the idea and think the huge benefit of faux flowers is that they would not act as an irritant or generally cause any allergies for the baby. I love more classic looks and a large bouquet of rustic flowers would look simply stunning on a window sill and bring nature into the room. What’s more, faux flowers will never age or deteriorate so they always look fresh!