Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Maura Collection

Valentine's day

Welcome back to Maura Collection where we bring you the very best in our contemporary artificial flower arrangements and more. Now, this week is a rather special week, don’t you think? Love is in the air and it permeates our thoughts with that special person in our life as we celebrate all that is love on Valentine’s Day.

Did you know that the tradition of Valentine’s day is thought to come from the Romans? When Emperor Claudius II was trying to expand his army, he forbade young men marrying as it was thought that single men made better soldiers. However, Saint Valentine, a Roman priest, defined the ban and performed marriages in secret.  For his disobedience, Valentine was executed on February 14th and from there we have Valentine’s Day.

In the spirit of love we have chosen 3 of our favourite artificial arrangements that feature roses that make the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

Summer Love

Part of our Summer artificial flower arrangements, summer love is the ideal way to warm up your significant other’s heart in this chilly month. The beautiful arrangement is a bold statement Wild and rugged, Summer Love features Soft cream roses tinged with pink, yellow Skimmia and whispy green foliage. The centrepiece, of course, are the pink roses that invite the eyes so delicately into the bouquet. Punctuated by creams and greens, this thoughtful arrangement is certainly special.


BIG emotions deserve BIG arrangements, right? Elenor is the personification of passion and is a beautifully bold arrangement. What we love about Elenor is that it is a statement bouquet meaning that, in our opinion, it is best displayed in the middle of a room on a table allowing all to appreciate the beauty. Bursting with colour, the arrangement features texture and bright, alluring  tones. Vibrant pink peonies, white roses, bright green viburnum, soft green eucalyptus leaves and mauve clematis all elegantly mingle creating a gorgeous and unforgettable gift.


As we know, love comes in many shapes and sizes. Isobel is a delicate arrangement that whispers words of love in a subtle yet confident manner. Crisp, white roses and figs (an unusual combination, we agree!) combine effortlessly to create a beautiful arrangement. The angled lines of the roses contrast against the rounded, plump figs adding a glorious depth of shape to the piece.