Fantastic Foxglove

Faux foxglove bouquet

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very best in our contemporary faux flower arrangements and more. Now, after the excess of Christmas and the New Year’s festivities, we explore the World of Foxgloves as we look the bring balance and harmony to homes with a wonderful selection of this always popular flower. Often, when we are creating our faux flower arrangements we step back and reflect on the meaning that is attached to each flower and what they represent. With Foxglove, popular across the globe, the meaning and what it stands for is something that we can consider for the start of the year as we plan ahead. A cursory glance into Foxglove’s meaning came back with such wonderfully sweet ideas and imagery that we felt we had to share!

Boosting confidence in times of insecurity – Who doesn’t need a helping hand at times?

Being okay with boasting about our accomplishments – It is always good to be proud of your work, right?

Enhancing group projects and promoting productivity – Who doesn’t like to be productive?

Getting a growth spurt in our imagination leading to new ideas – Ideal for the New Year

Bringing ourselves back to a childlike innocence and appreciating simple moments – It’s good to reflect

So, how can you bring these very positive energies and ideas into your home? We have chosen three of our favourite designs to help you celebrate all that is Foxglove and to bring the positive energy of this (faux) plant into your home.

Wild Cottage

Now, we are nearly past the Winter and Spring, and our Spring themed artificial arrangements, are something that we are thinking of. We love our Wild Cottage arrangement that truly brings the rustic feel of holiday cottages and harmony into the home. Quite simply, Wild Cottage is a lovely combination of various faux flowers. The star of the show, Foxgloves of course, is enhanced and complemented by soft and wispy Willow Eucalyptus, Green Spider Leaves, White Dogwood and a big blousy Queen Anne’s Lace head. All displayed effortlessly in a distressed metal pot.

Foxgloves Galore

As we always say, what could be more of a statement than a lovely vase with a display of just one stunning flower – and what a way to celebrate Foxgloves! These Foxgloves are soft pink speckled with deep pink and cream at the tips. They have been one of our most popular flowers this season. This is a bold statement so can go somewhere prominent to show it off.


Cream and yellow are two colours that effortless combine to create a soothing and uplifting feeling. Becky, again channels the UK in the Spring and Summer through A wild array of cottage and meadow flowers. White and yellow Queen Anne’s Lace and cream Foxgloves harmoniously sit inside one of our rustic vintage style vases that looks to create a beautiful addition to any home – be it contemporary or modern.

What does Foxglove represent to you? How would you use it in your home? As always, we would like to thank you for reading our blog and, of course, comment below and let us know your thoughts!