Five Must Haves This Christmas

faux flower berries

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very best in our faux flower bouquets and more. Now, the chilly season is upon us and we will quickly find ourselves celebrating Christmas with our friends and family. Aside from wondering where the year has gone we also had a thought about how our wonderful artificial flower bouquets can add some colour to your home this festive season. We have chosen our must have 5 items to transform your home this Christmas.

Flax Wreath

Faux flax wreatahOur flax door wreath brings a touch of Winter to your home and offers a fantastic way to decorate many spaces in your interiors. What we simply love about this classic artificial wreath is that it simply adds an elegant way to recognise the season. The neutral tones, the cultured textures and the specs of green give the pieces a versatile feel. Indeed, the Flax Wreath can be added to your front door to welcome guests, can rest on the mantelpiece as a centrepiece or can be hung from the rafters. Wherever you place it is your choice but one thing we do know is that it will look stunning.




Cascade is one of our all time favourite arrangements and this Winter we urge you to see just why it is one of our most popular arrangements. Featuring warming red fruit branches and berries that burst with colour and deep, green Eucalyptus spray this delightful contemporary arrangement has great personality and is both impactful and contemporary.

Cream Foxglove Wrap

Our artificial foxglove wrap is such a wonderful arrangement that we think you’ll love it all year round. This arrangement makes for the perfect centrepiece, it’s bold, beautiful and makes an impact. We love the idea of gifting artificial flowers and Christmas is the perfect time of year to gift to a friend (or yourself, of course) and would make a welcome addition to many interiors. We think that the Cream Foxglove Wrap would make a great statement piece on a table and would help tie a room together and act as the focal point.

Autumn Blush

Yes, we do know that this is from our Autumn collection but with an arrangement so pretty we feel that it is certainly a must have for this time of year. The colours in this arrangement are still quite soft but this display is welcoming early Autumn and the Winter in with its russet hydrangeas that act as the main point for the arrangement. Highlighted with Queen Anne’s Lace, white roses and billowy willow eucalyptus this highly textured piece uses these rustic colours to capture Winter. We think that the design looks great with boho style interiors or adds a flourish of soft colour to more Scandi home styles. As with all our arrangements, the flowers are not fixed in the vase which gives you scope if in future you want to add anything to the design.


We really can’t get enough of red and green and this classic winter colour scheme is perfectly personified with our Scarlet arrangement. As part of our design philosophy, we think that sometimes big bunches of one type of flower is enough. Featuring red berries this warming arrangement would look fantastic on a side table in the living room or on the kitchen table.

What’s your favourite gift from our suggestions? For more information on any of the pieces featured, contact our teams via or on 01473 652393