Happy New Year from Maura Collection

artificial foxglove arrangement

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very best in our artificial flower bouquets and more. Well, let’s start with a very Happy New Year to all of our clients and friends. The support that we have received over the last year has truly been impressive and something that we greatly appreciate. We hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful Christmas Break and New Year’s. Indeed, 2019 will see our teams continuing to grow and to expand our offerings.

For Maura Collection, our interest and passion for interior design will lead us to continue to offer faux flower bouquets, vases for artificial flowers and more but we also want to start incorporating our love for design more. Not only will we expand our own range of bouquets and arrangements but we will also offer additional items and pieces that would make welcome, loving additions to any home.

Firstly, we will offer pieces that are truly one of a kind and unique. Exclusive not in the stuffy sense, but exclusive in the sense that once we run out there simply won’t be any more! We source all of our products, be they flowers or chairs, vases or buckets, from independent little places that add that special uniqueness to your property. Indeed, our existing ranges of Winter faux flower bouquets showcases the special little arrangements that we have curated just for you.

We like to think, and many have said this to us, that the work that we do is not the norm. Not the norm being something different, something surprising and something that is made with love.

So, as we plan big and small things for 2019 we just want to say to all of our clients, friends and family: THANK YOU and we look forward to continuing to offer the very best faux flower arrangements out there.