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Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the latest in our artificial flower bouquets and arrangements. In today’s blog we sit down with a company that is close to our hearts, Banbayu. Born out of a love of ethically sourced, luxury home accessories Banbayu is the result of three friend’s decision to help improve the lives of people across the world through unique design and more.  With Fairtrade Fortnight coming up, Banabyu introduces us to their wonderful range of pieces and the very important meaning behind their offerings.

Fairtrade Fortnight: Design Stories of Ethical Craftsmanship

Ethical luxury home itemsCelebrate Fairtrade Fortnight that runs from 25 February until 10 March 2019, with luxury handmade treats for the home interior that come with the feel good factor. Banbayu is a UK based Fairtrade interiors brand where every piece has philanthropy at its heart. Having seen first hand the impact of unsustainable manufacturing and unruly suppliers taking advantage of local artists, the founders ensure every item is made with ecologically sustainable materials an ethically verified manufacturing process.

Sustainably sourced directly from the artisans who make them, ethically produced and responsibly transported, discover curated luxury by local skilled craftsmen from some of the most diverse cultures, remote islands and thriving cities all over the world.

Grace permeates all ranges with organic forms, beautifully imperfect characteristics, and natural materials. From Indonesian decorative vases, copper home accessories, copper table lamps, and wooden plates, to Transylvanian wallpapers, luxury ceiling lights and bio ethanol fires from Denmark. There’s a unique and unforgettable piece to inject wanderlust into your home with a story to tell.

Founded by three friends Patrick, Steffen, and Roland, Banbayu evolved from a devotion to exploring the world’s cultures. Over decades of travelling every continent, they’ve curated a vast home interior collection to unite wanderlust with luxury handmade crafts and bring a touch of ethically sourced luxury to the home. For more information, why not visit and have a look at their wonderful items?