Meet Our New Pieces

Out of the woods artificial flower arrangement.

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the latest in our contemporary faux flower arrangements and more. Now, has winter finally ended? Whilst it has been unseasonably mild the grey weather persists and we are in much need of some vibrant colour to fight these dour, grey days. We are delighted to announce that we have been rather busy creating some wonderful new artificial flower arrangements that add our much needed dose of lightness. In today’s blog post we would like to introduce some new additions to our team. So, without further ado: meet our new pieces!

Blue artificial flower arrangementNantucket Blue

Who said blue was the feeling of sadness? Our beautiful, blue boxed Nantucket Blue is just the thing to add a splash of colour at the time of year. What makes this arrangement particularly great is its versatile size. Sitting in an elegant reclaimed wooden box, we are suckers for the distressed-vintage look, the Nantucket Blue looks great anywhere in the home. From an artificial centrepiece in the living room or a lovely little internal window box in the kitchen or bedroom, the Nantucket Blue sits at home, well…. anywhere in your home!

Out Of The Woods

If you go down to the woods today you’re sure in for a big surprise! We simply love the contrast that is on display in this arrangement. We took some beautiful wood and used it as the basis for the display with delicate silken flowers woven in and around the finished wood. Ferns and Dogwood combine to create this magnificent piece which would look simply magical in a dining room where it could be a showstopping, jaw dropping way to welcome your guests.


rustic faux flower arrangementsWhen you think of the word Marina, if you are like us, you think of luscious holidays, quaint harbourside cafes and the fresh smell of salty sea air. We wanted to create a rustic feel that would bring the feeling of the outdoors inside and put faded forest Allium into our sea rock vase. The simple and complimentary arrangement works with so many spaces around the house and would look lovely in a bathroom with its nod to the sea. We also feel that it would look super on a side table, however, due to the soft and earthy colours will not dominate any room and sit just wonderfully.

Have you seen our Spring artificial flower arrangements? Why not discover more of these fab pieces and pick one or two up for your home! For more information, contact our teams via or on 01473 652393.