Bucket of Berries


Red berries in a bucket

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Bright red berries in an old blue salvaged factory bucket. This will add a vibrant unique touch to your winter festivities. Put them in the hearth. Stand them on a kitchen island, on or below a hall table, or group them with other decorations as a real statement.

All buckets are a bit  different with some having writing and others being more distressed but this adds to their charm. We do not have many at the moment but have asked our supplier if he can source some more so we can fill them with peonies roses etc. in Spring Summer.

When you tire of your berries and decide to put them away for next Winter, you can fill your bucket with plants or flowers, grasses or branches, real or faux. The only thing that limits you is your imagination.

Bucket Height   25 cm   Diameter  26 cm

Height with Berries 50 cm    Width 50 cm