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Retro vase filled with deep rich burgundy Dahlias.

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We are going to add to our range more found recycled and small artisan companies vases, vessels and containers for our arrangements.

There are some beautiful and unusual pieces out there which make a display unique, and in keeping with the wish to reuse and recycle. We are always looking here and on our travels in antique shops and vintage flea markets for vases and containers that catch our eye and will make a statement, be different and often one of a kind.


This found retro vase is a one off. It is filled with deep rich burgundy Dahlias.

We feel it is vibrant enough so doesn’t need too fancy an arrangement. It is a good rich warm way to brighten up Autumn and Winter.


Size of arrangement:    Height   60 cm                 Width   45 cm

Size of vase:  Height  30 cm   Diameter 26 cm