Slow Home

rustic bread

You must have noticed that interiors are going down something of a traditional look, but with a quirky twist. Deep colours, antique furniture and floral patterns are making a splash this autumn. Our contemporary faux flower arrangements make the perfect companion to a traditional home decor. The perfect contrast and juxtaposition.

It is a hark back to our grandmothers era but putting our own spin on it.

This trend has been gathering pace for nostalgia in our day to day living. We are increasingly buying our food from small local producers, and seeking out products that are made with love and made to last. Life in general is moving on at a fast pace with technology, and as we embrace this hectic lifestyle we want to surround ourselves with comfort and heritage.

Styles and time frames are strangely familiar but have been updated to fit in today’s homes.

Old and new complimenting each other beautifully.

The good bones of an old piece of furniture or chair, are being recognised and brought back to life.

Designers and manufacturers are creating pieces that will last and stand the test of time.

The foil to this look is a very clean contemporary style. Also beautiful, done well but more in a future blog.