Spring Has Sprung At Maura Collection

Green artificial flower arrangement

Welcome back to the Maura Collection blog where we bring you the very latest in our faux flower bouquets and arrangements. Now, what’s that? Blue(ish) skies, lighter evenings and a generally feeling of contentment. Could it be that the cold shackles of Winter have been lifted and that Spring is finally on the way? We sure hope so! With the blessings of Spring nearly fully amongst us we decided to showcase some of our wonderful Spring artificial flower arrangements that will allow you to bring the fresh, vibrant feel of this magical season to your home.

Green Duo

What could be better than one style of green flowers? Well, we think two! This fantastic flower arrangement channels the feelings of wide open fields brimming with rustic and untamed delight. This simple yet stunning combination of Leucospermum and trailing green foliage is soft yet rugged at the same time. It will look good in any season and its easy versatile design will fit in well in any room or interior space.

Verdant Whisper

One of our most popular and favourite arrangements makes a welcome return in 2019 and continues to be a bestseller. Soft, delicate textures and tones combine gracefully to create a welcoming and attractive arrangement. We wanted to create a simple and stylish look and verdant whisper whispers the soft hues and gentles feel of Spring. White Nigella, Willow Eucalyptus, small headed Queen Anne’s Lace and feathery fern create a harmonious feeling that stands out in an assured and gentle way.

Hydrangea Beauty Blue and Green

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL. One of our favourite ways to arrange flowers is to use the inherent beauty within the structure of a single pieces to create a special arrangement. We think that some of the best arrangements are those which just use one flower and allow its natural beauty to be displayed. The Hydrangea, with its almost honeycomb like body, is such a wonderful flower and stands alone in its own right. Add this to a kitchen, a living room table or even a hallway to bring Spring into your home.