Styling your mantle

faux flower arrangement on fireplace

Styling your mantle

Your fireplace is a focal point for any room. Your mantle can make a statement of its own where you can highlight your personality and sense of style. Whether they are traditional or contemporary they can be an ever changing feature in a home, that you can style according to the seasons.

You can have an anchor piece like a large mirror artwork. Then you can accessorize with favourite family photos or items picked up on your travels.

Flowers plants and greenery bring this space to life. Faux flower arrangements are ideal for winter as the warmth from the fire will not wilt them.

It’s also hard to find fresh greenery in the winter months and faux foliage branches and greenery are so realistic and gorgeous now it is hard to know the difference and besides good quality hand- made faux botanicals are a statement in their own right.

At Christmas your mantle can really come to life with garlands, wreaths, fairy lights and Christmas frippery.






Christmas socks hanging on a fireplace