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At Maura Collection, our love of interiors and home decor is something we are keen to share with our readers. We feel that our artificial flower arrangements are the perfect way to add harmony and colour to your home throughout the year. With this in mind, we speak with Toks Aruoture of London baby boutique The Baby Cot Shop about how to create a beautiful nursery or bedroom for your little ones.

Nursery interior design is becoming increasingly popular as parents seek the advice of a professional in creating a beautiful nursery for their new arrival. Toks, what does nursery design mean to you?

A nursery, in my opinion, is certainly more than the sum of its parts. Nurseries are an exciting addition to the home as they represent the bringing of a new life into the property and the excitement of new parents is certainly palpable. For my clients, a nursery means so much more than the furniture or decor within it. It is a place of nurturing, of rest and of love. A place where your baby can find harmony and develop. As the child grows, the nursery becomes even more. A place why imagination is sparked, where dreams are made. Often, the nursery transforms into a place to play, study and, of course, to rest.

What advice do you have for designing a nursery?

I always like to start by outlining and understanding the client’s vision for their luxury baby room. Understanding how they see it, their ideas and their likes allows me to create something magical for them and their baby. I bring together different styles of furniture based on their preferences and from their work with them to put together the colour scheme too. I love fabrics and helping to source the finest items for the nursery. My advice is always: do your research! Look at what is out there, look into styles and themes that you love. A well-researched client allows me to fully understand their requests, I also enjoy working with parents who simply don’t know where got start. My final tip is to always consider space. Space adds such a great feeling if well used. If space isn’t well used the nursery can feel too closed and too restrictive.

What trends do you see in nursery interior design for 2019?

I like to think that my business offers both contemporary and classic styles and within that we are not too affected by trends. However, for this year I see the continuation of more neutral tones. Soft creams, greys and whites that create a very modern feel. From there, I suggest two options. 1) Keep in line with the scheme and add furniture that matches and works with these colours or 2) go colourful! Well chosen, thoughtful colours need not be overused. They can add that additional depth and really highlight the individual pieces within the room. Botanicals are also growing in popularity and this is represented by ;large-scale greenery or flowers on a feature wall.  

How would you incorporate our faux flowers into a design of yours?

I think that is certainly dependent on the client them self and how they would feel with flowers being in their child’s nursery. I, for one, love the idea and think the huge benefit of faux flowers is that they would not act as an irritant or generally cause any allergies for the baby. I love more classic looks and a large bouquet of rustic flowers would look simply stunning on a window sill and bring nature into the room. What’s more, faux flowers will never age or deteriorate so they always look fresh!