Why Faux flowers?

faux pink rose bouquet

Why Faux flowers?

Gone are the days when artificial flower wreaths were fake looking faded dust traps. Even their name has changed to faux to elevate them to new heights. They are now a feature in their own right, because of sophisticated new materials and colour techniques. Have you seen our contemporary artificial flower arrangements?

They are not intended to replace mother nature but can be a wonderful focal point and can fill a void where time, space or natural light are a challenge.

They are also wonderful for people with allergies to fresh flowers as they can be enjoyed in all seasons with no ill effect.

Always buy the best quality blooms as you will pay more for them originally but they will prove a worthwhile investment over time.

They can be very versatile and are now being used in situations where fresh would not survive for any time. They are now regularly used at weddings and even Megan and Harry had them alongside fresh.